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  • Developer: ReDucTor
  • Genre: Computer Game Bot
  • Version: v1.5.1
User Rating: Rating 4.83

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Jarod Stuart

Software product is tool for gamers that assists in shooting and managing mouse and keyboard, with goal of improving performance on game. AimBot computer is a software application for Overwatch that aims for Overwatch players. Software product has a random mode that sets Overwatch player's aim to a random target. In order to use application, person must have a PC.

Application is a competitive shooter game that has been developed for people who enjoy playing shooters. In this game, persons represent their character in a virtual world and have goal to kill other users to steal their points before they kill you. Software product is so competitive that players have to spend lot of time to become good player and always have a good aim to win. Users can use free AimBot, a utility for better aiming, to become experts in shooters when they play game.


Tool provides assistance on shooting and managing mouse, keyboard, it's designed to improve player's performance on games. AimBot has simple interface which is very easy to use. Application options of download AimBot can be accessed through menu on left side of window. In application, user can setapplication to one of following modes: Aimbot free download PC, Bolt, or Random. Person can set a sensitivity, speed, crosshair size.

Interface is not very attractive. Background image is very simple and it has a red background. There is a timer clock in top right corner of the screen. In middle of screen there are three buttons: 'Options', 'Pause', 'Exit'. 'Options' button has a menu in it with a list of features that install AimBot provides. The 'Pause' button is a pause button and 'Exit' button is a button to close application. AimBot application has a very simple interface. You can connect to game through multiplayer mode and you can play with bots. You can control your character with swipes on screen, you can buy weapons and other items.


Application has a good interface and is easy to use. AimBot is a game hacking software which comes in two types of game hacking features: AimBot download free and WallHack. Software product makes it easier to aim when your target is not in your line of vision. Software product has the feature that you can aim in any direction making it easier to aim in tight corners or in areas that are difficult to see. Application is developed in C++ programming language. Software product is compatible with all games in different operating systems.

Application is very easy to use because it has a very simple interface. Interface has buttons that have a description what they do and player only has to click one of them to use it. Player can toggle AimBot PC download free on and off with a single click, change color of aiming point, adjust sensitivity of aiming point, adjust size of aiming point. Player can change the background of AimBot app with a single click.


Application can aim for the player's target, can be set to fire at different rates, has option to use the mouse or the keyboard to lock onto a certain character. Software product has a functionality for a player to have a better aim in shooters. The player can use AimBot download PC for a particular shooter and application will automatically aim for the player. The player will also be able to see the aiming point on the screen and use it for their own purposes.


Application has good support for player. It has FAQs and videos that player can use to better understand the application. Software product has a support page that contains information about the different features that AimBot Mac has and how to use the interface. Support page is very detailed and provides answers to all of questions the player might have.


  • Will this work on Mac or Linux?
    If you download an Android emulator, this will work on Mac or Linux.

  • Why am I getting a black screen on my phone?
    You need to download an Android emulator to use this on your phone.

  • What is a keybind?
    Keybinds are a way for you to map a key to a function. This allows you to emulate the keystroke for a function without ever touching the keyboard.


AimBot is a program with a simple and easy to use interface and a simple functionality. Developer provides a customer support and AimBot apk can help player in the aiming process.


  • It’s free;
  • It’s very simple;
  • It’s undetectable;
  • It doesn’t cause lag;
  • It’s compatible with many games.


  • It only supports Windows operating system;
  • It’s not compatible.

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